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"...All of my life, I've been fascinated with the arts and design. As a young girl, my free time was usually spent on creative projects, rather than participating in sports, like my two sisters. I developed a distinct eye for quality, style, texture, and color at a very early age. 

As I progressed into adulthood, I took community college courses in apparel arts, fine art, interior design, culinary arts and film. I transferred to Woodbury University and graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Fashion Design. Since graduating, I have worked a variety of jobs, mainly managing specialty boutiques and stores, in addition to designing custom suits and shirts. 

In 2005, while working as an interior design consultant for a big-box corporation, I started to feel the need to be independently creative. I began designing jewelry during my off-time from work. My family and friends were, of course, the first to notice, and quickly became my initial customers. This opened up a new circle of customers, friends of friends. Eventually, in 2009, I became official and acquired my wholesale license. I currently sell to Orange County and Los Angeles boutiques, as well as through word-of-mouth and at art shows/festivals."

designer sherri basta

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